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President Ivanov receives credentials of Moldovan and Argentinian ambassadors

President Gjorge Ivanov was presented  with letters of credence of the new ambassadors of Moldova and Argentina to Macedonia, his cabinet said Friday.

While being presented with the credentials of Moldova’s Sofia-based Ambassador Stefan Gorda, Ivanov said the two countries shared the same commitments to peace, freedom, security and prosperity in Southeast Europe and beyond urging cooperation between the countries to be further enhanced by intensifying political dialogue at every level.

“There are numerous potentials for cooperation in all spheres of mutual interest that should be realized through joint engagement. An emphasis should be put on economic cooperation and full fulfillment of business potentials of our two countries, including cooperation in the sphere of tourism, culture, education, science, research and innovation,” said President Ivanov according to the press release.

Ambassador Gorda said he was confident that Moldova and Macedonia would keep on boosting the established solid political ties and that cooperation between the countries in other spheres of mutual interest would be further heightened.

At the handover of credentials of the Sofia-based Argentinian Ambassador, Alberto Alfredo Manuel Trueba, President Ivanov underlined Macedonia’s extraordinary commitment to improving the overall relation with Argentina.

“Despite the geographical distance between out two friendly countries, I am strongly confident that there is a mutual willingness and great potential to further develop and improve our relations in-depth for the benefit of our nations,” said President Ivanov adding it was necessary through intensive political dialogue to accelerate cooperation not only in the economy, but also in other areas of mutual interest.

Ambassador Trueba said that the ties between Macedonia and Argentina in the past 18 years could be defined as friendly, adding that the traditionally stable ties in the near future should be strengthened through business and trade cooperation, as well as by promoting cultural initiatives, Ivanov’s cabinet said in the press release.

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