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Citizens Show How Much They Love Macedonia

Massive, peaceful and with a sincere concern for what happens to us, the citizens of Macedonia on Friday night took to the streets to raise their voice against the bilingualism and breaking the unity of the country.

Besides the central rally in Skopje, the crowds gathered in another 16 cities. The same message was sent everywhere, that we must preserve the language because without a language we are no one. The name, nationality and language are the three sacred things without which there will not be our Macedonia.

Citizens, that the team of Telegraf.mk asked why they do this, without exception said that the ultimate goal is the name change and the platform of Albanians and bilingualism are only incidental purposes.

Language is the soul of a nation and the Macedonian language a real country, the actor Vasil Zafircev addressed the crowd.

We have to say no to the bilingualism, and no to another official language. That leads to a territorial destruction of the country. The platform is not the result of the co-existence and the citizens of our country did not vote for it in the elections. The language and the country's name are essential. What is happening is interfering in the internal affairs of the country and overthrowing of the constitutional values. All together for the Republic of Macedonia, Zafircev stressed.

As evidence of how much the citizens love their homeland shows the glorious Macedonian flag in front of the Parliament and the cries "Macedonia" coming from the throats of the crowd.

Tomorrow the rally will be held at 1 pm in the Park ‘Woman fighter’ where there will be a musical program. Organizers called for even more massive presence.

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