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Kadino - Trusty Macedonian Brand of Consumers of Domestic and Foreign Markets

Kadino Industry Group is a production company with over 25 years of experience in the production of different sorts of flour under the name of Moeto Brasno (Eng.: My Flour), and thanks to its quality placed Kadino as a trusty brand on the domestic and foreign markets.

The company has also initiated an idea for handmade traditional filo pastry, such as burek and other pastry made of hand rolled dough.

“Finding inspiration in our roots, we created a brand that has carried out our mission to make an addition to each home’s table with authentic traditional flavors, for the unique gourmet experience.

“Each product has been frozen with cutting edge technology process that preserves the freshness of the product from the moment of production to the table of every consumer.

“The products are exported in Switzerland, America, Canada, Belgium, Slovenia, and the Netherlands, and we are expecting to start exporting to Turkey as well.

“Our portfolio includes over 20 frozen products in different forms and flavors, all dedicated for the retail market as well as the catering sector, designed to make the products the favorite meal of the consumers in a simple way.

“That said, our next step is participating at the 24th International Food, Beverage and Produce Fair PRODEXPO in Moscow, Russia, in the period between February 6 to 10, in the sector of frozen products, pavilion 2, hall 1.

PRODEXPO is one of the largest food fairs in Russia and Eastern Europe. PRODEXPO has played a significant role in the food industry in Russia in the past 20 years of its existence.

“We believe that through promotion of our high quality and authentic products we will bring closer the flavor of the Mediterranean to the Russian market and will play a role in the quality lifestyle of Russians, because each smile with every bite of our pastries will encourage us in the process of production,” the company said.

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