Macedonia officially postpones snap elections

The Government of Macedonia announced on monday that it has delayed the snap parliamentary elections, scheduled for April 12th, because of the COVID-19 epidemic, Radio Free Europe reported.

As stated, a decree with legal force to “suspend all electoral activities and all issues related to the electoral process” was adopted at a meeting on 21 March. 

Up to date, 136 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Macedonia, two dead were reported this weekend. A 57 year old woman from Kumanovo, and a 63 year old man from Debar.

The Government made the decision to postpone the election because of a state of emergency declared to effectively prevent the introduction and spread of the coronavirus. Snap parliamentary elections were agreed by leaders of parliamentary parties last October at a meeting with the President of the country, dissatisfied because Macedonia has not received a date for the third time to begin accession negotiations with the European Union.