Macedonia is About To Become The World’s First “Politically Correct” Police State

George Orwell’s dire warning about a “politically correct” police state is about to become a reality in the Republic of Macedonia if the country implements its recently signed agreement with Greece, as there are many provisions within that document which obligate Skopje to suppress its citizens’ freedom of speech under pane of being taken to the UN and/or the International Court of Justice, and to top it all off, Athens will have the authority to jointly determine what Macedonian children are taught in school as well as what “politically incorrect” expressions & concepts should be banned by the authorities.

There’s no “polite” way to phrase this – the Republic of Macedonia is on the brink of becoming a “politically correct” police state if it capitulates to the Liberal-Globalists and their regional Greek proxy. This isn’t an exaggeration but a statement of fact considering the Orwellian clauses contained within the recently signed name deal which obligate Skopje to essentially suppress its citizens’ freedom of speech otherwise the entire country could potentially be taken to the UN and the International Court of Justice. Whatever one’s personal views may be about the legitimacy of the country’s constitutional name and its peoples’ use of the adjectival term Macedonian to describe their identity, history, culture, and language, it’s undoubtedly an unprecedented totalitarian step for a foreign government to impose its “political correctness” on another country, which represents nothing less than a post-modern occupation of what’s supposed to be a sovereign state.

This isn’t hyperbolic fear mongering like some critics might reactively accuse it of being either, as the recently published text of the agreement itself proves that the author’s earlier claims about the Republic of Macedonia being the testing ground of a new socio-political experiment designed to perfect the Liberal-Globalist elite’s weaponization of identity were correct. This analysis in particular aims to draw attention to the most disturbing clauses contained within this deal and then describe their implications, using the simplified Article (Clause) (Sub-Clause) as a means of citing each relevant passage and facilitating the reader’s verification of the aforementioned if need be. After the most alarming aspects of the deal have been highlighted and explained, the next and final section will summarize the findings in explaining the main concepts behind the “Macedonian Model” of identity erasure that was warned about in the previous piece.


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