Over 70% of Greeks against name solution with the term Macedonia

71.7% and 74.5% of the citizens in Greece say they do not approve a name solution that would include the term Macedonia, show results of two different opinion polls published in the newspapers Kathimerini and Proto Thema.

The Greek Institute for Research and Analysis 'Dianeosis' between January 16 and February 5 conducted a survey with one of the many questions referring to the name issue.

Reporting on the findings, Kathimerini wrote on Sunday that 71.7% of the Greeks interviewed for the survey said that their country should not accept a compound name with the term Macedonia in it. 24.5% said they had no issue with a compound name.

The second poll, commissioned by Proto Thema, included the question 'Should the government accept the term Macedonia in the new name of Skopje or not?'

74.5% responded 'no', 21.8% said it should, whereas the remaining 3.7% said they didn't know or refused to answer the question.

Commenting on the findings, Proto Thema wrote that the answer 'no' could be considered nationwide, because the percentage is high across the country regardless of the respondents' age and gender. The highest percentage of those refusing a compromise is detected in the provinces of Macedonia and Thrace (80.5%), amongst those who are aged 35-54 (79.7%) and women (76%), MIA reports from Athens. 


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