Ivanov: Constitution and my conscience do not allow me to sign the Law on Languages

Yesterday, when President Gjorge Ivanov addressed the citizens and MPs said, he would not sign the new adopted Law on the Use of Languages.

Ivanov, with sharp words and rhetoric, spoke of “a law with repressive content, a law as an expression of the tyranny of the parliamentary majority, an unconstitutional, anti-state and essentially unjust law, which does not deserve to be called a law”.

“The constitution and conscience do not allow me to sign a decree for the proclamation of such a law”, Ivanov said.

According to him, this is also a “law that abused the European flag, a law that was not debated after the amendments that resulted from my suggestions, a law that was voted out of all procedures, a law that is unconstitutional and a law that violates the given guarantees”.


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