Difficult questions remained, continue the negotiations on the name

After a two-hour meeting between the heads of the Macedonian and Greek diplomats Dimitrov and Kotzias with mediator Matthew Nimetz in Vienna, Nimetz said that there was progress, but also difficulties that need to be overcome. Dimitrov said that the whole set of questions was discussed, and he assessed progress as conditional.

There is progress in the name talks, but there are still difficulties that need to be overcome in further talks, said mediator Matthew Nimetz after a long-time meeting with ministers Nikola Dimitrov and Nikos Kotzias in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

"The series of meetings will continue in the future, we have set up one working path, and I can say that, without going into details, we addressed the difficult questions, there are still difficult questions that need to be addressed, but in my opinion and long experience, there is a very positive feeling. Both ministers are focused on long-term relations, stability in the region, the importance of good relations between the two countries, and I hope that we will continue to work with this positive approach, "Nimetz said after the meeting.

Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov said that they discussed all outstanding issues that were covered in the package and added that conditional progress was made in the talks.

"I can say that we made conditional progress, because as we go forward, we come to the tough questions. And I think that both from our side and on our side we have a lot to think about and measure. We worked on the logic of what is most important for the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Greece and whether in the compromise we are moving to cover the two things. However, it is not surprising that the more openly and the more specifically we are working towards a solution, so the difficulties are coming out more and more, "said Dimitrov.

For now, there is no information as to whether mediator Nimetz offered his own document to overcome the difference, as, as the two ministers announced, they presented the draft agreements of the two countries.

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