Orange heat alert grips Macedonia

Macedonia is set to enter the so-called orange alert phase on Thursday through Saturday, with temperatures exceeding 40C.

Today the weather will be sunny and very hot. Partly cloudy in eastern parts with possible short rainfalls. Moderate to strong southwest winds will blow.

The morning temperatures will range from 14C to 21C and daily from 33C to 40C.

Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 39C. UV index will be 9.

The Health Ministry urges citizens to observe preventive measures in order to reduce risks from high temperatures.


Stay in closed, air-conditioned rooms. During the day, close windows and shutters; at night when the outside temperature is lower, open windows and shutters.

Wear light and loose fitting clothes (light colours reflect light) of natural materials and, if exposed to direct sunlight, a brimmed hat or cap and sunglasses.

Eat several small, light meals a day. Avoid food which contains fat and high-calories, as well as food with a lot of sugar.

Drink plenty of fluids (do not wait to become thirsty), including regular drinks of water and non-alcohol beverages. Avoid beverages with alcohol, caffeine and extremely cold beverages.

When driving, keep the vehicle window open for ventilation. Completely closed vehicles become too hot. Do not leave anybody in the vehicle!
People who are chronically ill, especially those with cardiovascular, neurological or pulmonary illnesses, need to be especially vigilant in following these recommendations and taking their medicines. For any changes in the medical condition, consult your doctor.

Consume cooked food immediately after preparation. If this is not the case, the prepared food should be stored in the refrigerator at 8°C and heated to at least 100°C before consumption!

Avoid products containing raw food, such as home-made mayonnaise (eggs). Care should also be taken when consuming ice-cream and different creams!

Avoid strenuous physical activities (including sport and recreational activities) during the hottest time of the day. Do them before 10 a.m. or after 5 p.m.

If you have to go outdoors in this period, take frequent rests in the shade and avoid direct exposure to the sun.

Take cool showers or baths several times a day. Alternatives include cold packs and wraps, foot baths, etc.


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