Macedonia presented at London Adventure Travel Conference

Macedonia's tourism offers has been presented at the Adventure Travel Conference in London, which brought together some 200 participants, including exhibitors, tour operators and media representatives, the Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism said Friday.

Mountain bike trails and the hiking trail in eastern Macedonia, as well as the wine route, have spurred interest among visitors of the conference.

One of the most famous tour operators that organizes trips for tourists over 50 is expected to visit Macedonia soon. A visit to the country will be also planned for a company specialized for wildlife tours - it will advertise Macedonia as a new destination for birdwatching.  

At least 13 British tour operators will include Macedonia in their summer offers, it has been announced.

Tour operators in the meetings with officials of the Agency have shown interest to bring tourists in Macedonia directly  and to cooperate with Macedonian travel agents instead of using travel agencies in the neighboring countries, the Agency's head Lela Krstevska said.

Adventure tourism in Macedonia is becoming more attractive, especially after a regional conference that was held last year in Ohrid through which some 300 delegates had the chance to explore Macedonia's nature, the Agency said.


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