President Trump must end Obama Administration’s support for Soros through USAID Macedonia

Macedonian Americans gathered in front of the Trump Tower in New York on 15 of January to declare their support for Donald Trump and to ask him to end the support which the Obama administration has extended to left wing causes in Macedonia, primarily to the George Soros foundation. USAID Macedonia has given millions to Soros Macedonia led projects to build media outlets and NGO groups, who would often engage in violent protests or would promote far left policies.

“Dear President Trump. We, the Americans with Macedonian heritage, congratulate you on your election. Our native country Macedonia needs your help. We ask you to protect Macedonia and Macedonian democracy from the Soros Foundation (FOSIM). Using US taxpayers money supplied through the US Embassy in Skopje, FOSIM openly supports radical and often violent Soros activists. Under the outgoing US administration, the Soros foundation was selected by the US Embassy as the main implementer of USAID and US Government projects in Macedonia. The Soros Foundation and Open Society Institute are notoriously disruptive and seek to impose the radical policies of their multi-billionaire founder on new democracies. The result has been political violence against Macedonian police and ugly, violent riots in many Macedonian towns. We are standing here to support the Macedonian independence, NATO membership and territorial integrity of the Republic of Macedonia, including the strong friendship with the United States of America. Thank you President Trump. God bless Macedonia and God bless the United States of America”, the group gathered in front of Trump Tower read in their proclamation.