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Export from Macedonia Increases by 4.1 Percent

According to the preliminary data of the State Statistical Office the external trade volume from the Republic of Macedonia in the period January­-June 2016 amounted to 5,529,439 thousand US dollars. The total value of exported goods amounted to 2,275,485 thousand US dollars, a 4.1 percent increase compared to the same period last year, while the value of imported goods in the same period was 3 253 954 thousand US dollars, or 4.8 percent more than the same period last year.
The trade deficit in the period January­-June 2016 was 978,469 thousand US dollars.
The external trade by products shows that in the exports the most significant products are supported catalysts with precious metal or precious metal compounds as the active substance, ignition wiring sets and other wiring sets of a kind used in vehicles, aircraft or ships, ferro­nickel and clothes. In the imports, the most significant products are the platinum and platinum alloys, unwrought or in powder form, petroleum oils and oils…

Bulgarian Rescue Teams Join Search of Missing People in Macedonia

Bulgarian teams left for Macedonia late Sunday to help the search of missing people, Focus News Agency reports.
This was announced by the press office of the Bulgarian Government. Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov instructed the teams to work in complete cooperation with the Macedonian authorities, in order to handle the situation quickly.
The units have already started helping the search of missing people and draining flooded buildings.
Bulgaria is waiting for Macedonia to provide additional information on the assistance the country requires, and is ready to help immediately. The Macedonian authorities have expressed their gratitude for the timely reaction of the Bulgarian authorities.

A ‘Water Bomb’ of a Storm Kills 21 in Macedonia’s Capital

A freakishly violent rainstorm that Macedonia’s top weather official called a “water bomb” ravaged Skopje during the weekend, collapsing streets, inundating vehicles and drowning trapped motorists and homeowners, most of them caught by surprise.
At least 21 people were killed and 77 injured in what officials described on Sunday as the worst flooding disaster in a half-century to hit Skopje, the Macedonian capital and a city of more than a half-million people in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula.
Officials said the death toll could rise because many people were still missing after the storm, which hit with shocking ferocity on Saturday night.
The police, army units and firefighters rescued more than 1,000 people from the raging water that flooded streets, buildings, houses, clinics and schools. Traffic in much of the city was paralyzed.
The Gazi Baba area, in the eastern part of Skopje, was particularly hard hit, with hundreds of homes losing power.
Underpasses throughout the c…

Serbian MUP helping Macedonia in wake of deadly storm

The Serbian Interior Ministry (MUP) announced on Monday it is assisting Macedonia in coping with the aftermath of a storm that killed 21 people on Saturday.

The MUP said that several trucks and other vehicles with the necessary equipment and water pumps have been dispatched to Macedonia, along with about 20 members of Serbia's firefighting and rescue units.

Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic spoke last night with his Macedonian coutnerpart Mitko Chakov, offering help with protecting and rescuing the people affected by the storm and the flash floods, and with remediation of the area.

Macedonian Citizens Can Travel to Brazil without Visa

Macedonia and Brazil signed an agreement on visa-free regime. The exchange of notes in the palace "Itimarati" in Brasilia was done by the Macedonian ambassador to Brazil, Ivica Bocevski, and the Ambassador Carlos Alberto Simas Magalhães, on behalf of the Brazilian Foreign Minister Jose Serra.
Visa-free regime enters into force on 27 August.
"Citizens of both countries will be able to get entry, exit, transit and stay on the territory of the other country without needing a visa for tourist trips, holidays or business trips, while their length of continuous stay shall not exceed 90 days in any half-yearly period from the date of first entry", the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed.


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