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U.S. company "Adient" opens plant in Strumica

Plant for production of automotive seats "Adient" opened in the Strumica industrial zone on Thursday.

The investment of the United States company amounts to US$20 million, opening over 1,300 jobs.

DTIDZ CEO Mizo said today's opening of the "Adient" plant marked the launch of the Svidovica zone.

"Companies operating in the industrial zones post continual growth. We expect the number of employees to rise to 10,000 and EUR 2 billion worth of exports by the end of 2017", stressed Mizo.

Adient representative Teplik said this is the largest and most sophisticated plant in the region, an investment exceeding US$ 20 million and employing more than 1,300 people, which confirmed its commitment to investments in the Macedonian economy.

"One year ago we announced the construction of our plant and today we are standing in front of it. This investment is another clear proof of our intentions to invest in Macedonia's economy and another important step in the expansion of our network in Europe, providing diverse products based on quality, technology and performances for our clients", added Teplik.

"Adient" has 230 facilities in 33 countries, employing over 75,000 people worldwide.

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