Demir Hisar-City of Culture 2018 opens

Demir Hisar officially launched its year-long programme "City of Culture 2018" with a parade and performances within the Easter Folklore Festival on Sunday.

Culture Minister Robert Alagjozovski and Demir Hisar Mayor Marjance Stojanovski opened the event.

"It is no coincidence that Demir Hisar is the city of culture in 2018, taking into consideration its rich cultural heritage, including monastery St.Jovan Preteca, churches St.Jovan Bogoslov and St.Nikola in village Slepce, monastery St.Nikola in village Sloestica, church St.Petka in Zvan, all dating from the XIV century," said Minister Alagjozovski.

He also referred to the archaeological sites in the municipality, the grave and monument of Ilinden hero Dame Gruev, the Smilevo Congress memorial museum, as well as many World War II monuments.

Demir Hisar-City of Culture 2018 will include numerous events throughout the year, such as concerts, plays, exhibits, literary readings and activities by artists and cultural activists from the country, but also tours and performances by foreign artists, the Culture Ministry said in a press release.


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