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Parliament committee votes to strip six VMRO-DPMNE MPs of their immunity

The Committee on Rules of Procedures and Mandatory-Immunity Issues has suggested that Parliament should remove the parliamentary immunity of six VMRO-DPMNE MPs upon a detention decision by a Skopje court over their involvement in the violent events on 27 April 2017 in Parliament's building.
These MPs inlcude Krsto Mukoski, Johan Tarculovski, Zaklina Pesevska, Ljuben Arnaudovski, Ljupco Dimovski and Saso Vasilevski.
MPs of the opposition coalition led by VMRO-DPMNE didn't attend the committee's session on Thursday
The six MPs have been already notified about the outcome of the session.
SDSM lawmaker Aleksandar Kiracovski was the only MP who addressed the session. He called the events of April 27 'an attack on democracy and the constitutional order of the country and an attempt to put the lives of then opposition deputies in danger.'
"The institutions of the Republic of Macedonia have full credibility, duty and responsibility to fully investigate the case makin…

Czech Republic to keep assisting Macedonia in guarding of its southern border

The Czech Republic will keep sending policemen to Macedonia to help the country to guard its border with Greece, First Deputy Interior Minister Jiri Novacek said after a meeting with Macedonian Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski.
The cooperation between the ministries of both countries has been intensified since the migrant crisis in 2015, Novacek said, pointing out that the Czech Republic has been granting expert assistance to Macedonia on various security matters. The Czech Republic, he added, highly appreciates Macedonia's efforts to join the international organization, in particular the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex), as well as the ones for meeting the EU membership standards.
Spasovski extended gratitude for the Czech support of Macedonia's EU-integration process, as well as for the assistance during the migrant crisis.
Spasovski and Novacek also reviewed the possibilities for advancing the bilateral cooperation.

Taksirat Festival kicks off

The 19th edition of Taksirat Festival kicks off Nov. 30 and runs until Dec. 9 in the Youth Cultural Centre featuring events with participation of over 60 artists. The festival is held in partnership with Desonanz Festival.
Katarina Evgo, representative of Password Production, who is the organiser of Taksirat, noted that the guests of the festival are music artists from many countries in Europe including numerous representatives from the Macedonian scene.
PIN conference, which begins Thursday, offers room for discussions of notable experts and various participants on topics covering acute issues in the culture, music and entertainment business while the culture operators will have an opportunity to present their work and projects.
More than 30 performances of music artists from the country, region and Europe are to be held Thursday evening, for which the entrance is free. 
The experimental underground art-rock band LIARS, will hold concert Thursday evening at the Youth Cultural Center…

Skopje Wine Salon - Vinodonia 2017 kicks off

More than 350 different labels of wine from 40 wineries from the region, Italy, France will be exhibited for tasting at the second Skopje Wine Salon - Vinodonia 2017, which will be held on Dec. 1-2 in Marriott Hotel in Skopje.
The wine event is organised by a group of wine consultants, judges and educators under the auspices of the Association of Sommeliers of the Republic of Macedonia.
This year’s programme is versatile and includes master classes of the wineries Chateau Kamnik, Tikves and Stobi, as well as workshops, wine tastings and food and wine pairings.
The goal of the event is to contribute to development of wine culture in the country, catch up with the latest contemporary trends, regional and developments in Europe through presentation of wineries of various size, capacity, philosophy, style, stories, portfolios, President of the Association of Sommeliers of the Republic of Macedonia Aleksandar Vuckovski said.
Wednesday’s press conference was also attended by other organise…

36 prosecuted for 'terrorist endangerment of the constitutional order and security'

36 people are suspected of 'terrorist endangerment of the constitutional order and security' in connection to the events of 27 April 2017 in Parliament, the Public Prosecutor's Office says Tuesday.

"The basic public prosecutor's office tasked with prosecuting organized crime and corruption after concluding all actions to establish facts in relation to the events that had taken place on 27 April 2017 in the Parliament of Macedonia has completed its pre-trial procedure," it says.
According to a press release of the Public Prosecutor's Office, after reviewing and analyzing evidence, the basic public prosecutor's office tasked with prosecuting organized crime and corruption has ordered a launch of investigation into thirty-six people suspected of terrorist endangerment of the constitutional order and security in line with Article 313 of the Criminal Code.
Former interior minister and head of the Public Security Bureau, Mitko Cavkov was detained early on …

Al Jazeera Balkans: Hoyt Brian Yee to replace Jess Baily in Macedonia

Hoyt Brian Yee, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs and Eurasian Affairs, as of next year will be the new US Ambassador to Macedonia, Al Jazeera Balkans (AJB) correspondent reports, citing sources of the US Department of State.
Hoyt Brian Yee will replace the current US ambassador Jess Baily, who was in that position from December 2014. Hoyt Yee is an experienced diplomat and expert for the Balkans who started his career in the 1990s along with the so-called “bulldozer diplomat" Richard Holbrooke.
The sending of Hoyt Brian Yee to Macedonia is assessed as a confirmation of Washington's increased engagement in the Balkans, primarily because of Moscow's attempts to impose its influence in the region.
Thus far, there is no official confirmation for Yee’s appointment and who will replace him in the US Department of State. Possible candidates to replace him are referred Jonathan Moore, current Head of the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Direc…

Interactive exhibit on refugee crisis opens in Skopje

An exhibition depicting the hardship of refugees from warn-torn countries experienced in the past two years on their journeys from Turkey and Africa to Balkan countries and to Central and North Europe opens Monday in Skopje.
The experiential and interactive exhibit, running until November 29, is part of the project Small Room of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights and NGO Legis.
The project aims at raising public awareness about the issue facing refugees with an emphasis on several aspects of the crisis, namely the scale of the humanitarian drama, the power of solidarity, the threat of uncontrolled actions of illegal groups trafficking humans and its impact in the asylum-seeking process in Europe, the urgency of actions by the authorities across Europe, active engagement of young people, etc.

Reuters: Bulgarian, Macedonian Orthodox Churches edge closer despite thorny history

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church has taken a step towards possible eventual recognition of Macedonia’s Orthodox Church, a rapprochement that echoes a warming of relations between the governments of the two Balkan neighbors, Reuters reported.
However, the move is unlikely to be welcomed by other Orthodox Churches such as those of Serbia and Greece, in a region where religious identity is often closely tied up with nationalist passions and politics.
The Macedonian Orthodox Church was formed when the country was part of communist Yugoslavia but has never been recognized by other Orthodox churches due to a long-standing dispute over its independence from the Serbian Orthodox Church, with which it was previously formally united. 
This month, however, the Macedonian Church sent an official request to Bulgaria’s 1,100-year-old Orthodox Church asking it to become its symbolic “mother” church. Bulgaria has close linguistic, cultural and historic ties with Macedonia. 
In a statement on Monday the…

Dimitrov: We will enter negotiations with Greece with good faith and without fear

We will enter negotiations with Greece with good faith and without fear, in an effort to overcome our differences, said Macedonian Foreign Minister, Nikola Dimitrov in Sunday’s interview with “Radio Free Europe”.
“If there is a defeated side it will not be good for the winner or for the loser, because terrible nationalism will develop. We need to find a way where both sides can come out with the feeling that they have protected what is most important. We will not negotiate with fear and we can not come out of this with a solution that will not cover our main concerns”, said Dimitrov.
When asked how prepared is the government to go in the negotiations and whether there will be reciprocity in the eventual change of the names of the highways, monuments and textbook revision, the Macedonian Foreign Minister said that they did not discuss this issue in government.
“I think it is crucial to understand that patriotism means concern for the state and it is crucial that we take away the argum…

Fashion show in Skopje within global campaign against gender-based violence

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation Office in Skopje organizes Saturday evening a fashion show within the campaign '16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence'.
Common women, admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, noble qualities, will showcase fashion designs and promote measures against women, family violence.
Judge Lence Ristovska, Helsinki Committee Executive Uranija Pirovska and UN Resident Representative to Macedonia Louisa Vinton will deliver speeches at the event.

Greek Media Group starts daily paper in Macedonia

A new daily, named 'Nezavisen Vesnik' (Independent Newspaper), will be launched Monday in Macedonia. At the beginning the daily will be distributed across the country via its own colporteur network. The Greek Media Group Independent Balkan News Agency - IBNA is the owner, who started also in Albanie a newpaper.
The daily offers news on politics, economy, culture, welfare, sports, show business. It will also present analyses, personal opinions and columns of prominent and fresh public figures.
'The editorial policy of the paper is reflected in its slogan: Read Truth, Be Independent,' the daily's Editor-in-Chief and eminent Macedonian journalist, Slobodanka Jovanovska, said on a press release on Sunday.
Initially the daily will be free of charge. It will be issued five days a week, namely from Monday to Thursday with 16 and on Friday with 24 pages, including three in English language.

Constitutional Court nullifies sentences for terrorists involved in Smilkovsko lake executions

In a shock to many, the Macedonian Constitutional Court nullified previous convictions of terrorists involved in the brutal murder of five Macedonian teenagers at the shores of Smilkovo lake.
The special prosecution team (SPO) had stated they were unhappy with the convictions very early on during their mandate, even though their mandate itself was formed to investigate the alleged wiretapping scandal.
Six people were issued life-term sentences, however four of them were protected at the US Base of Bondsteel where they remained detained over alleged carrying a fire-arm penalties. Kosovo never extradited them to Macedonia.
Thanks to the Macedonian Constitutional Court, they are now free, and the likelyhood of them being re-convicted now is very low, considering the efforts that went into overturning the judgement in the first place.

Macedonia: Supreme Court abolished verdicts and returned “Monster” case for retrial

The Supreme Court has abolished the verdicts for the “Monster” case and returned the case for a retrial. The court ruled that it accepts the appeals of the defendants for the multiple murders at Smiljkovsko Lake, which occurred on April 12th, 2012.
With the verdict from the highest court in the country, rulings from the Criminal and Appellate Court of Skopje have been terminated, where six people were sentenced to life imprisonment and now the case has been returned for a retrial.
The decision of the Supreme Court comes after public prosecutor, Liljana Spasoska requested the abolition of the verdicts of the Criminal and Appellate Court and the return of the case for a retrial because of “uncertain factual situation”, but also, because of the possible existence of wiretapped conversations held by the Special Prosecutor’s Office, which could change the course of the procedure.

New Ukraine, India Ambassadors to Macedonia present credentials to President Ivanov

The new Ukrainian and Indian Ambassadors to Macedonia,  Natalia Zadorozhnyuk and  Pooja Kapur respectively, presented Friday their credentials to President Gjorge Ivanov.
At the meeting with Ukraine's Ambassador, Ivanov commended the friendly relations between the two countries and their readiness for advancing the cooperation in the spheres of mutual interest, the President's Office said in a press release.
The bilateral relations are based on trust, mutual understanding and support, Zadorozhnyuk said, voicing belief in their further advancing.
Ivanov also commended the friendly relations between Macedonia and India. Advancing the regulation framework and the economic cooperation offer possibilities for a large-scope bilateral relations, Ivanov   told Sofia-based Ambassador Kapur.
The bilateral relations will keep advancing, especially via more intensive cooperation in the spheres of economy and culture, Kapur said.
Ivanov wished success to the ambassadors during their  dipl…

Macedonian Film Agency Announces New Call for Production Support

The Macedonian Film Agency announced a new call for production support for feature films, documentaries, short films and animated films.
The new call which was announced on 22 November 2017 follows the cancellation of the previous call two weeks ago. Producers can apply by 7 December 2017.
The previous call, which was announced in February 2017 by the previous director of the Agency Mimi Gjorgoska-Ilievska, was annulled by the current acting director Gorjan Tozija.
In the introductory note of the new call it is stated that “due to the short time period until the announcement of the next call in January 2018, the deadlines for application and decision-making under this call will be shortened”.
Producers who applied to the cancelled call will be fully refunded for their application costs.
The Macedonian Film Agency distributed 4 m EUR in 2016 in production grants within the two deadlines of the call for production support for feature films, documentaries, short films and animated films…

EBRD: Macedonia should speed up economic reforms

With the political crisis of the past two years in Macedonia now resolved, the new government should accelerate economic reforms and focus on areas such as improved fiscal management and measures to enhance social inclusion, the EBRD said.
"In light of the limited fiscal space, the government should revise legislation on concessions and public-private partnerships (PPPs), to encourage private sector involvement in the transport and energy sectors," EBRD said in its Transition Report 2017-2018 published on Wednesday, noting that the protracted political crisis has hampered reforms in Macedonia.
According to the report, greater access to finance for SMEs is needed to encourage Macedonian businesses.
In order to improve access to finance the country's government should revise factoring legislation, introduce reforms to improve lending in local currency, and covered bonds legislation.
"Both public and private investments have been delayed by uncertainty about the polit…

Bulgaria, Macedonia to seek funding for Corridor 8 road, railway project

Bulgaria and Macedonia plan to seek international financing for sections of Corridor 8 road and railway project on their territories, Bulgarian public radio broadcaster BNR reported on Thursday. Pan-European transport Corridor 8 stretches from Albania's Adriatic port of Durres to Varna, on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, via Macedonia.
Macedonian prime minister Zoran Zaev will visit Sofia on December 6-7 for a meeting of Western Balkan leaders with representatives of international financial institutions, at which funding opportunites for Corridor 8 will be discussed, BNR said.
In August, the ministers of transport and energy of Bulgaria and Macedonia signed memorandum of understanding for completion of the construction of a railway link between the capital cities of the two countries, Sofia and Skopje.

Macedonia up nine spots in latest FIFA ranking

Macedonia's football team has advanced nine spots in a latest ranking. The national team is ranked 76th in the latest, November ranking by FIFA, moving nine spots up compared to October.
The jump of the Macedonian team comes as a result of its victory over Norway at a friendly match in Skopje (2:0).
There were no changes to the top five as Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina and Belgium retained their positions. Spain moved up two spots to No. 6, followed by Poland, Switzerland, France and Chile.

IMF: Macedonia needs stronger fiscal consolidation

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said on Wednesday that the formation of the new government is a turning point for the Macedonian economy, and underscored this as an opportunity to rebuild policy space and revive reforms.
Macedonia needs stronger fiscal consolidation due to rapid rise in public debt and high gross financing needs. On the fiscal front, the overall deficit narrowed to 2.6% in 2016, with the improvement largely due to under-execution of capital investment, spending constraints imposed during the pre-election period, and accumulation of payment arrears, the IMF said in its concluding statement on Article IV consultation with Macedonia on the country's economic performance and policies.
The IMF expects Macedonia to close 2017 with fiscal deficit equivalent to around 3% of GDP, while public debt is projected to rise to 47% of GDP, according to the statement.
"[IMF] Directors welcomed the authorities’ intention to reduce the overall deficit gradually to 2% of …

Macedonia, Bulgaria approve memorandum to cut roaming charges

The governments of Macedonia and Bulgaria have given green light to a memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications of Bulgaria and the Macedonian Ministry of Information Society and Administration on cutting international roaming tariffs, the press services of the countries' governments said in a statement Wednesday.
The memorandum is slated to be signed on Thursday in Strumica as part of a joint session of the governments of Macedonia and Bulgaria.
Under the memorandum, the ministries are tasked with encouraging mobile operators to strike deals with each other, thus paving the way for permanent reduction of retail roaming charges for end users. At the moment, the current roaming charges are one of the highest in Europe, between 2.99 leva and 6.99 leva per minute and 26 leva for one megabit, the Macedonian government says in a statement.
To cut roaming charges in Western Balkan countries and the EU is one of the prioriti…

Earthquake felt in Veles

An earthquake measuring 3 degrees in magnitude according to the European Macroseismic Scale was felt Tuesday in Veles and its surroundings.

The earthquake was registered at 7:53 am with 2.5 degrees of magnitude in the Richter scale, originating from the Veles epicenter region. The epicenter of the earthquake is located 40 km southeast of Skopje, Seismological Observatory within the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics in Skopje informs.

Grubi postponed the commission’s session for the law on languages

The chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on European Affairs, Artan Grubi, postponed tomorrow’s committee session, where they were meant to discuss the draft law on the use of languages ​​at the second reading, said the Commission.
The statement did not explain the reason for the cancellation of the session, which was due to take place on November 22nd – the Day of the Albanian Alphabet. As for the date when the session will be held, it will be additionally announced.
The postponement of the session comes a day after EU Commissioner for Neighborhood Policy  and Enlargement  Negotiations,Johannes Hahn said the government should focus on the priorities for which it will be reivewed, and Brussels is not seeking the law on languages, nor is it part of the Przino Agreement.
We didn’t postpone the session on the Law on languages because of Hahn’s statement The President of the Commission for European Affairs, Artan grubi, postponed today’s session of te Commission about the Law on langu…

Hungary - country in focus at Skopje Design Week 2017

In the frameworks of Skopje Design Week 2017 (SDW) which will be held on Nov. 22-26, the country in focus is Hungary featuring the travelling exhibition “Shaping Hungary: Design in the 21st Century.”
The exhibition as well as the manifestation Skopje Design Week titled ‘Sound of Materials’ will open Wednesday evening in the Public Room – center for design and innovation in Skopje.
Twenty-five contemporary young industrial designers, inventors and engineers will be presented at the exhibition which as organiser underlined, confirm that they are worthy successors of the 20th century generation which laid the foundations of Hungarian creativity.
Six top contemporary designers from Hungary will present their experiences and innovative design project and products on Nov. 24 and 26 in the Public Room, while Hungarian jazz band will hold a concert in honour to Day of Hungary.
Hungarian Ambassador László István at Tuesday’s press briefing told reporters that exhibition “Shaping Hungary: Desi…

EU expects concrete results in Macedonia's justice system, public administration

Macedonia is on the right path and has marked positive developments, Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for European neighborhood policy and enlargement negotiations said here Monday at a joint press conference with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.
In a statement, Hahn noted that the European Union (EU) was expecting concrete results in Macedonia's justice system and public administration. 
"Things are moving in the right direction but the country should keep working on crucial reforms in the spheres of security services, judiciary, public administration," Hahn said.
On the other hand, he said he wanted the European Commission to recommend a launch of the EU accession talks at the onset of 2018.
"Macedonia should run out the last kilometer of the marathon," Hahn noted, saying that considering the progress made in the country, the EU was surer than in the past that EU member states would give their consent to such recommendation.
However, Hahn also stressed that more work s…

Polls: 91 Percent of Bulgarians think that the Macedonian language is identical to Bulgarian

Bulgarians have positive opinions towards Macedonia and 51% think that Macedonians are very alike or are identical to Bulgarians, shows the latest research carried out by the Bulgarian Institute for politics dedicated to the relations between Bulgaria and Macedonia.
As Bulgarian portal “Dnes” reports, when asked whether there is a Macedonian nation that is different to the Bulgarian, 72% of the people have answered that the Macedonian nation was founded in the 20th century and is very close to the Bulgarian.
64% of the people questioned recognize the value of the shared history and 27% think that despite that, history has no relation to modern times.
Regarding the language, 91% of Bulgarians claim that the language we speak is either the same or we share it, and only 8% think that the Bulgarian and Macedonian languages are different to each other.

Law on languages - not one of Brussels' priorities, Hahn says

The law on languages is a reasonable demand but it is not one of Brussels' priorities in terms of what Macedonia should accomplish on its road to the EU-integration, Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, told Monday a joint press conference with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.
The draft law on languages has entered a parliament procedure, being already adopted in a first reading under informal recommendation of the Venice Commission, but at the moment Macedonia's government should focus on identifying the priority spheres for obtaining positive recommendation from Brussels, Hahn said.

ECM: Macedonia could run out of accountants in five years

In five years, Macedonia could be left without accountants. So far, 7,197 accountants are registered professionals. Of those, 24% are people under 35 while over 51% of the accountants are over 55 years old, show alarming data of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia (ECM).
"Accounting must be improved and raised up, it must be treated as an analytic profession that enables businesses to reach appropriate, management-like decisions," said Aneta Trajkovska, director at the Economic Chamber.
According to Lence Papazovska of the Association of Accountants, accountants must follow the trends, changes to legislation, learn how to analyse financial reports and acquire a proactive role.
"It is necessary accountants to use information technologies, digital platforms and mobile apps to improve their services all the while using social networks to find new clients and to have better communication with existing clients," she said.

Gruevski: The Law on Bilingualism will deepen the divisions

In the second part of the interview with VMRO-DPMNE president, Nikola Gruevski, you can read about the assessment about when will the pressures, threats and blackmail of the voters end, the role of the opposition in the name dispute, the position of VMRO-DPMNE on the law on bilingualism and what might the adoption of this law "bring". (Part One of the interview HERE)

Do you think that the people succumbed to the pressures, blackmail, threats, bribery in the elections?
GRUEVSKI: Some of the people yes. Some no. But enough for SDSM with the coalition to come out as a winner by a margin of 60 thousand votes, if we include the votes of our coalition partners, which in some places we have agreed to have separate lists. We have won SDSM with more than 200 thousand votes, but in a majority system such as the mayoral elections, the effect seems huge even with 60 thousand votes difference.
But when talk about the people, knowing it, I know that this will not last long. Threats and pre…

Iceland's Heartstone named best film of 16th CineDays

Heartstone, an Icelandic drama film directed by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson, was voted best film of the 16th CineDays Festival of European Cinema that took place on Nov. 9-19 in Skopje.
"The coming-of-age film is a heartfelt, deep insight into the problems facing teenagers," the 3-member jury said in its elaboration of the decision to pick Heartsone out of eight movies.
György Kristóf for his work on Out (Slovakia-France-Hungary-Czech Republic co-production) won the best director award.
Amerika Square, written by Vangelis Mourikis, Yannis Sakaridis, Yannis Tsirbas, scooped best screenplay.
Out of the CineBalkan official selection, which included six films, Daybreak by Albanian director Gentian Koçi was named best film.
This year's CineDays festival was closed Sunday evening with the Macedonian premiere of The Secret Ingredient.
The film, directed by Macedonian up-and-coming director Gjorce Stavreski, had its world premiere last week at the Thessaloniki Film Festival, wh…

Skopje Airport registers strong October

Skopje Alexander the Great Airport has recorded its busiest October to date by handling 172.909 passengers during the month, representing an increase of an impressive 21% on last year. 
During the first ten months, the airport welcomed 1.582.989 travallers through its doors, an increase of 12.9% on 2016. 

The passenger difference between its traditionally busier nearby competitor Pristina, with which it has feuded over subsidy and fair competition claims in the past, continues to shorten with only 36.500 passengers setting the two apart, compared to 59.000 in September and 75.000 in August.
SOURCE: EX-YU Aviation News

Antic wants to see McCalebb in Macedonian national team

Even though Pero Antic has been retired from the Macedonian national team, his name appeared in the preliminary roster ahead of the EuroBasket qualifiers.
The three-time Euroleague champion is surprised seeing his name among the other players called by head coach Jordanco Davitkov.
"I’ve been retired since I was 30!”, Antic told Eurohoops. “They just put my name because they want to… prove something.”
Apart from Antic, there are three naturalized players in the squad: Jordan Theodore, Richard Hendrix, and Bo McCalebb.
Of course, only one is allowed to join the 12-man roster and Antic wants to see McCalebb wearing the national jersey again. Small wonder since the 32-year-old point guard was his teammate in during the miraculous run in EuroBasket 2011. The two of them made history in that tournament, by leading the team to the semifinals for the first time in the country’s history.

“I want to see McCalebb in the final selection. He has contributed much to the country’s national te…

Macedonian premiere of "The Secret Ingredient", award presentation ceremony close "Cinedays"

Macedonian premiere of film "The Secret Ingredient" by Gjorce Stavreski and the presentation of best film awards will close the 16. European film festival "Cinedays" in Skopje-based cinema "Millennium" on Sunday.
The world premiere of "The Secret Ingredient" was held at the recent 58. Thessaloniki International Film Festival, where the film won the audience award in programme "Balkan Survey".
"Cinedays" closes with the presentation of the best film awards, selected by a jury chaired by Turkish director Semih Kaplanoglu, recipient of the "Golden Bear" at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2010.

Vardar beats Rhein-Neckar in handball champions league

European and Macedonian champions Vardar remained unbeaten in this year's handball champions league after overpowering German champions Rhein-Neckar 30:26 in Skopje on Saturday.
Vardar took the lead from the beginning and never looked back. They held a four-goal lead at halftime (17:13) and maintained the advantage in the second half.
Vuko Borozan was Vardar's best player with seven goals, followed by Ivan Cupic with 6, while goalkeeper Arpad Sterbik had 10 saves. Rafael Baena was Rhein-Neckar's leading scorer with five goals.
Vardar tops the Group A standings with 15 points (8 matches), followed by Rhein-Neckar-11 (8), Barcelona-10 (7), Nantes-9 (7)...
Earlier in the day, Macedonia's other champions league representative Metalurg lost away to Besiktas 32:29 in Group D.
The third consecutive loss means that Metalurg is no longer in contention to advance to the elimination round. 

Macedonia and Bulgaria will hold Joint Session in Strumica

The governments of Macedonia and Bulgaria in Strumica will hold the first joint session.
The governments of the Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria, at the first joint session, started working on concrete cooperation projects. At the session that will be held on November 23 in Strumica, the two cabinets will review the possibilities for activating the relations between the ministries of foreign affairs, interaction and mutual assistance in disasters, support in the training and preparation of soldiers from the Armed Forces of the Republic of Macedonia, the cooperation in the field of telecommunications, investment and energy. Based on the agreements reached and in accordance with the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Neighborhood, bilateral documents will be signed. Progress in good neighborly relations between Bulgaria and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia will be marked by the adoption of a joint declaration.
The holding of the joint session was arranged during Prime Min…

Kazakhstan and Macedonia keen on boosting economic cooperation

Kazakhstan and Macedonia voiced intention to expand political and trade-economic cooperation.
The sides agreed to increase interaction within the framework of the second round of political consultations between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan and Macedonia in Skopje.
The sides considered the state and prospects of bilateral cooperation in the political, trade, economic and cultural-humanitarian spheres, interaction within the framework of international organizations, and exchanged views on topical issues of the regional and global agenda.
They noted the need to increase the volume of mutual trade turnover and strengthen investment cooperation. An agreement was reached to expand the bilateral legal framework in the areas of legal cooperation, transport, education and culture.
The protocol on holding regular political consultations between the Ministries was signed by deputy heads of the foreign ministries of the two countries Roman Vasilenko and Arta Tochi.
The Kazakh …


Cannabis oil available in pharmacies across Macedonia without prescription

Nine Vinica Fortress terracotta icons to be exhibited at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum

Time Travel: Skopje Antique Shops Are Full of Objects that Have Long Been Forgotten

Macedonian Government to ban protests with new law on public gatherings

Greek jets mount NATO practice flights over Macedonia