Hahn and Priebe to visit Macedonia

The European Commissioner for Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, Johannes Hahn’s visit and participation at the open Government session is probably precedent, which will provide a new climate. We will propose to Hahn a draft-plan of measures, activities and time frames, said Vice President Bujar Osmani in Government today, while announcing the aggressive campaign which will follow in the next few months, to implement the reform priorities.

European Commissioner Hahn will be visiting the country next Monday, while Reinhard Priebe will be in Macedonia by Tuesday, the man who handled the commission who in the name of the EU in 2015 prepared the necessary recommendations  for the necessary reforms the country needs to continue its road towards EU membership.

Priebe will be attending the MANU (Macedonian Academy of Science and Art) conference, where he will discuss the priorities, which will take place in July, said Osmani.

“It is an excellent decision that Hahn is including Priebe. His name became synonymous with the reforms, even young children if you ask them, they know his name. He can speak better about what needs to be done, so his contribution to Macedonia is of great importance and gives us new direction. This shows that things are moving”, said Osmani.


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