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Gjorcheska eliminated in the first qualification round at Wimbledon

The best Macedonian tennis player experienced an expected defeat by the first qualifier holder, Aleksandra Krunic, but was well supported.

In the first heraldry of the grassland, and on the qualifications of Wimbledon, Lina Gjorcheska gave a good resistance to the first seed Aleksandra Krunic from Serbia.

Macedonian tennis player lost 2-0 in sets, 6-4 and 6-4. Trouble was the start of the two sets in which Lina began with a lost service. In the rest of the sets she got the services, but failed to take a break.

Our best tennis player lost in the game of doubles along with Polina Monova (Russia).

However, the Macedonian-Russian combination did not come to an end with the American pair Ashley Wainholt and Kaitlin Voriski who celebrated with 2-0 in sets after almost two hours play. The first set ended with 6-3, while the second set was settled in a tie-break with 8-6.

The statistics say that Ashley and Caitlin had a better percentage of utilization of break-even chances (6 / 17-35 percen…

SPO files 17 indictments against 94 individuals, 7 legal entities - Mandate runs out today

The Special Prosecutor's Office said Thursday it has filed 17 indictments in 18 cases against 94 individuals and seven legal entities.

Special prosecutor Katica Janeva said they have solid evidence over serious abuse of institutional capacities by individuals and organized groups, abuse of office and violation of legal proceedings in public procurements.
There is no indictment in the "Talir" case over illegal financing of a political party, but the investigation will continue.
"The investigation in this case was opened a month ago, but the timeframe did not allow for completion of the procedure. A decision will be made after undertaking all actions in the investigation on this serious, big and complex case", said Janeva.
Indictment has also not been filed for case "Tabla" (Board), involving a school principal who is suspected of making an illegal direct contract for the construction of a new village school avoiding the necessary tendering procedure. …

Ahmeti: Most of the demands from Albanian parties are already in the new Government’s program

We compared the programs of the Albanian political parties, and we noted that part of those program commitments are already included in the new government program. These meetings in the future will continue to be held, said the leader of DUI, Ali Ahmeti after the meeting of the Albanian political parliamentary parties at the”Alexander Palace” hotel.

The Besa party was not present at the meeting, and Ahmeti appealed to them to nominate a president of the permanent parliamentary Commission for the Protection of the Freedom and Rights of citizens in order to start resolving cases such as “Divo Naselje”, “Monster” and “Brodec”.
In response to a journalist’s question about what was accepted from the points demanded by the Albanian parties, Ahmeti pointed out that one of the demands was meetings with neighbouring states and that there have already been results.
“All these processes are mutual and we should act courageously as political parties, and the opposition parties should respect the…

Volleyball: Macedonia to play for European League trophy

Macedonia will take part at the European League Final Four tournament in Denmark over the weekend.

Macedonia enters the tournament as favorite, having won all matches in the group stage. "Our goal is two wins and first place. We are fully prepared to take the gold", said Macedonia's best player Nikola Gjorgiev at Thursday's press conference.
Macedonia plays hosts Denmark in Saturday's semifinal, preceded by Sweden versus and the Ukraine.
The European League winner qualifies for the prestigious World League.

Orange heat alert grips Macedonia

Macedonia is set to enter the so-called orange alert phase on Thursday through Saturday, with temperatures exceeding 40C.

Today the weather will be sunny and very hot. Partly cloudy in eastern parts with possible short rainfalls. Moderate to strong southwest winds will blow.
The morning temperatures will range from 14C to 21C and daily from 33C to 40C.
Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 39C. UV index will be 9.
The Health Ministry urges citizens to observe preventive measures in order to reduce risks from high temperatures.
Stay in closed, air-conditioned rooms. During the day, close windows and shutters; at night when the outside temperature is lower, open windows and shutters.
Wear light and loose fitting clothes (light colours reflect light) of natural materials and, if exposed to direct sunlight, a brimmed hat or cap and sunglasses.
Eat several small, light meals a day. Avoid food which contains fat and high-…

Zaev, Yannakakis: Positive atmosphere for building trust between Macedonia and Greece

Zoran Zaev met Wednesday with Greek Ambassador Dimitris Yannakakis, discussing opportunities that open policies of friendship and cooperation in the spirit of mutual respect demonstrated by countries' governments, Government of Macedonia stated.

Interlocutors agreed over the creation of a positive atmosphere for building trust and enhancement of cooperation between Macedonia and Greece.
“We have sent positive signals for good neighborly cooperation because the new government is committed to the European values and policies of building bridges. Our neighbors have also sent positive signals, which represents a huge step forward in the development of good neighborly relations and opening of the perspectives for Macedonia and its citizens”, said PM Zaev.
He reiterated that Macedonia is committed to EU and NATO membership, and focused on the required reforms in the Euro-Atlantic integration process. Zaev also expressed hope that Macedonia will follow Montenegro as the next NATO member…

Over 800 earthquakes in ten days registered in Ohrid region

More than 800 earthquakes have been registered in Ohird region during the period from June 18 to 29.
The earthquakes were mainly weak with magnitude between 1 to 2 on the Richter scale. The strongest earthquake was registered on June 20 at 3:10pm with magnitude of 3.6 on the Richter scale and with intensity range of V according to European Macroseismic Scale, according to the Seismological Observatory at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Skopje.
Ten earthquakes have been registered early Thursday in Ohrid region with intensity range of III according to European Macroseismic Scale.

Skopje-based Turkish Theater performs at INFANT Novi Sad

Turkish Theater will perform Thursday Othello play directed by Dejan Projkovski within the 44th International Festival of Alternative and New Theater INFANT taking place in Novi Sad, Serbia.
The cast includes Dzenap Samet (Othello), Suzan Akbelge (Desdemona), Selpin Kerim (Iago), Osman Ali (Cassio), Zubeyde Ali (Emilia) and Neat Ali (Roderigo).
Olga Pango is the choreogrpaher, Tatjana Hristoska Blazevska is the stage designer and the music is created by Goran Trajkovski.

Fresh tremor felt in Ohrid region

An earthquake with a magnitude of 2.9 on the Richter scale was felt early Wednesday at 3:52am in Ohrid region.
The Seismological Observatory at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Skopje said that epicentre of the earthquake was in Ohrid region with intensity range of III to IV according to European Macroseismic Scale.

Austrian Minister Warns of Balkans’ Islamization

Turkey and Saudi Arabia are spreading Islamic values more heavily into society in the Balkan states, Austrian Federal Minister of Defense Hans Peter Doskozil said in an interview to the German newspaper Die Welt published Tuesday.

The minister added that Ankara continues to spread its influence in Albania, Kosovo and Serbia.
“We can see the slow Islamization in the Balkans. The European Union is losing its influence in the Balkans. Turkey and Saudi Arabia, in contrast, are increasing their influence,” Doskozil said expressing “serious concern” over the situation.
“Because of this development, it would be unacceptable from my point of view if Turkey as part of NATO would soon deploy more troops to the Balkans,” Doskozil noted, adding that such imbalance was not in the Europeans’ interests.
Doskozil urged Germany and other countries to prevent any change of the power balance and threats to democracy in the region.

Party of Macedonians in Albania fails to win MP seat

The only party of Macedonians in Albania, the Macedonian Alliance for European Integration (MAEI) failed to win an MP seat at Sunday's parliamentary elections in Albania, MIA reports from Tirana.
MAEI was part of the coalition of the Socialist Movement for Integration, which won only one MP seat in the Korce district, where MAEI secretary-general Vasil Sterjovski was placed fifth on the list. "Macedonians were again divided and instead of voting for a Macedonian, they voted for the Albanian parties", said Sterjovski.
Preliminary results show that the ruling Socialist Party has won 76 MP seats in the 140-seat parliament, with the opposition Democratic Party winning 41 seats and the Movement for Socialist Integration 20 seats. Turnout was low at about 45 percent.

Austrian Armed Forces chief visits Macedonia

Austrian Armed Forces Chief of Staff, General Othmar Commenda pays an official visit to Macedonia on June 27-28. On Tuesday, General Commenda and his host, Macedonian Army (ARM) Chief of Staff, Lieutenant-General Metodija Velickovski, will meet Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska and visit the Macedonia-Greece border. On Wednesday, both delegations will hold official talks, focusing on the ARM transformation and structure, its contribution in international peacekeeping missions, its role in the migrant crisis management and enhancement of bilateral cooperation in the defense sector. 

Macedonia tops EX-YU airport infrastructure quality

The World Economic Forum has published its acclaimed biannual Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report, in which it measures and ranks the competitiveness of 136 economies, comprising of fourteen pillars, one of which is air transport. In the 2017 report, Macedonia was named as having the highest quality airport infrastructure in the former Yugoslavia. Bosnia and Herzegovina was ranked for the first time, while Kosovo was not included in the survey. Two-thirds of the data in the report are provided by international organisations, with the remaining third based on surveys carried out among over 15.000 business executives and business leaders annually in all the economies included in the assessment. The survey represents a unique source of insight into critical aspects of travel and tourism competitiveness. It is important to note that data for this year's report was compiled during 2015 and 2016.
Macedonia ranked 51st in the world for its airport infrastructure, with an average…

Nimetz to MHRMI: If I was Macedonian, I would not negotiate my name

UN Special Envoy Matthew Nimetz told Macedonian Human Rights Movement International representatives: “Off the record – If I were Macedonian, I would not negotiate my name”. The first mediator for the name dispute, Robin O’Neil, has come out repeatedly against the name negotiations and has implored Macedonia to stop negotiating.

Although Nimetz said that his comments were “off the record”, MHRMI asked him why he wouldn’t make his feelings public, resign and denounce the name negotiations as an attack on Macedonia’s most basic of rights as Robin O’Neil did. As we have seen with the tremendous amount of pressure on Macedonia to change its name to appease its oppressor, Greece, we have decided to make Matthew Nimetz’s feelings public on his behalf.
Further, when MHRMI President, Bill Nicholov, asked Nimetz what he thinks the outcome would be if Macedonia withdraws from the name negotiations, Nimetz said “Nothing. I don’t believe that there would be any consequences.” The sentiment was re…

Ahmeti: Language issue is Part of Coalition deal

The Albanian parties’ declaration is not part of history, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti told the TV show “The road towards…” on Wednesday. As he said, after Sunday, the parties will meet again. The DUI leader is convinced that the new law on Albanian will reach Parliament soon. “The language issue is part of the coalition deal. Its entry to Parliament is just a matter of time,” he stated. Asked whether that would happen before the local elections, Ahmeti gave no concrete deadlines. Ahmeti also talked about other issues, including the SPO, the Public Prosecutor issue and the coalition with SDSM. According to Ahmeti, the decision to enter a coalition with SDSM was not imposed.

Volleyball players against Denmark in the semifinal of the European League

Denmark's selection will be an opponent of Macedonian volleyball players in the semifinals of the European League final round.

Macedonia as first placed in group A crossed with Denmark from group B. The second semifinal consists of the teams of Ukraine and Sweden. Although the Swedes were equated in three parameters with Albania for positioning second in the group, the decision dropped to the fourth criterion - Sweden's score was 534: 512, while Albania’s 514: 518.
Denmark will also host the final tournament. The semi-final encounters and grand finals will be played at Gentofte on 1 July and 2 July.

Krunik opponent of Gjorcheska at Wimbledon

The best Macedonian player Lina Gjorcheska (180 in the rankings) will play in the first qualifying round tomorrow in the most prestigious tournament in the world of tennis, Wimbledon.

Gjorcheska cannot be pleased with the draw because in the first round for opponent got Serbian Aleksandra Krunic (99 at the WTA), who in qualifies is the first seed.
Krunic has a positive experience from the Wimbledon performances, and in 2015 she managed to reach the third round of the main tournament.
For Gjorcheska, this will be another performance in the tournaments of the Grand Slam series, after last year's qualifying for the US Open, and this year she played qualifications at the Australian Open and Roland Garros.

Sixth earthquake in two days recorded in Macedonia

A new M3.7 earthquake was recorded in Macedonia's Ohrid region at 13:45 hours CET on Monday, Macedonian media have reported.
The epicenter was five kilometers northwest of Resen, at a depth of 10 kilometers.
This was the sixth earthquake in this region in the last two days, and the second since last night, when a M2.8 tremor was recorded.

13th International Film Festival Asterfest kicks off

The opening ceremony of the 13th International Film Festival “Asterfest” will kick off Monday evening in Cultural Centre “Anton Panov” in Strumica by presentation of awards to festival’s laureates Jackie Sheppard and Kole Angelovski.

The festival held under the motto “Between Fact and Fiction” will last until June 30.
The festival’s programme of short, documentary and fiction films are included in the categories: Animotion, Global Fiction, Star Documents, Movieland, Merry-Diones, Tributes and Oberhausen on Tour.
The films I am Sami, fiction by Kae Bahar, UK/Iraq, 2014, Joe’s Violin, Kahane Cooperman’s documentary, Sing by Kristof Deak from Hungary, as well as Borrowed Time film by Andrew Coats and Lou Hamou-Lhadj will be screened on Monday.
The international jury including Natalja Althauser (Germany), Elena Melloncelli (Italy) and Srdjan Fink (Netherlands) will declare the festival’s winners.

Macedonian bus in Greece catches fire, no one injured

Bus of a Macedonian travel agency caught fire Sunday morning on its way to Halkidiki, Greece, whereat none of the passengers were injured.

Greek outlets reported that the passengers managed to alight from the bus unharmed before it was completely burnt. The fire was extinguished by 15 firefighters with five firefighting vehicles.
For now, the cause of the fire is still unknown.

Igor Stefanovski-Idze wins third place at ETCC - 2017 Race of Vila Real

Norbert Nagy, starting from pole, finished second in Race 1 with ETCC rookie José Rodrigues pleasing the home fans in third until he was handed a 30-second penalty following a clash with Igor Stefanovski, which dropped him to fourth and promoted Stefanovski one position.

Petr Fulín and Zsolt Dávid Szabó were the winners as the FIA European Touring Car Cup delivered two action-packed races on the challenging streets of Vila Real live on Eurosport and TVI in Portugal.
Szabó’s victory in the shortened second race was his first in the series, while there was also a maiden ETCC podium for Plamen Kralev.
Stefanovski completed the Race 2 podium to move ahead of Christjohannes Schreiber and into second behind newleader Fulín in the standings after the erstwhile title pacesetter suffered his second double non-score of the season during a frustrating afternoon for the Rikli Motorsport Honda team.

Bulgaria and Greece to Macedonia: If you want membership in the EU and NATO, respect history

The countries in the Balkans must respect history and develop good neighbourly relations if they want to join the European Union and NATO, concluded Bulgarian President Rumen Radev and his Greek counterpart, President Prokopis Pavlopoulos, at their meeting in Athens yesterday.

Radev’s visit to Athens comes at a time when the focus of the EU’s enlargement to the Western Balkans is growing. Sofia has previously officially announced that one of the main points of its chairmanship of the Council of Europe in 2018 will be exactly the enlargement of the Union.
Pavlopoulos, according to the Bulgarian news website “Vesti“, stressed that it is necessary to work on creating a strong and united Europe and that Greece supports the entry of countries from the region into the EU and NATO. However, he noted that there are conditions to be met and that neighbouring countries should respect international law and European achievements. He also accused Turkey of not respecting cultural and historical v…

Portugal beat Macedonia but exit in group stage at U21 Euro

Portugal’s U21 squad gave it a good effort but a 4-2 victory against a stubborn Macedonian side in Gdynia, Poland on Friday night was not enough to remain in contention for a semi-final berth.

After the defeat to Spain earlier this week, Rui Jorge’s squad knew heading into their final group match that only a resounding victory by three or more goals, in addition to scoring four, was needed to overtake Slovakia as the best 2nd place finisher while awaiting results in Group C on Saturday.
In the end, Portugal fall in the group stage after just missing out on the title on penalties to Sweden in the final of this competition two years ago in the Czech Republic.
Perfect start
Rui Jorge signalled his intent to take the game to the Macedonians even before the opening whistle, going with a very attack-minded starting line-up. Without Ruben Semedo and Bruno Fernandes due to suspension, Jorge made a total of five changes from the squad that lost to Spain last time.
Portugal certainly got the s…

VMRO-DPMNE: In Bulgaria, Zaev fiercely hit out at the Macedonian state

Zoran Zaev is becoming a serious risk for Macedonia’s national interests and during his two-day visit to Bulgaria, he fiercely hit out at the Macedonian state, said VMRO-DPMNE’s morning press release.
“Does SDS and Zoran Zaev believe that the Republic of Macedonia has no history of its own? Is Macedonian history meaningless to Zoran Zaev, so he decided to announce that there will be changes made to Macedonian textbooks, anything that is not in the spirit of cooperation between the two countries.
VMRO-DPMNE is extremely concerned about the lack of transparency and the ease with which Zaev approached an extremely serious issue, such as the conclusion of the agreement with Bulgaria”, reads the party’s statement.
VMRO-DPMNE demands to see a report regarding what Zaev arranged during his visit to Sofia and they say that the ruling party should clear up the dilemmas that are troubling the Macedonian people after Zoran Zaev’s two-day visit to Bulgaria.

Veljanovski: We demand an insight into what Zaev has agreed upon for the Good Neighborly Relations

“VMRO-DPMNE is very worried about the non-transparency and the easiness with which Zaev has approached an extremely serious issue such as the agreement with Bulgaria. VMRO-DPMNE is demanding an insight into the content of the Agreement that Zaev has agreed upon”, said VMRO-DPMNE’s MP Trajko Veljanoski at a press conference.

By making a reference to yesterday’s statement by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in Sofia that Macedonia is closing a chapter in its history full of nationalism and hatred, Veljanoski stated that was very shameful and indecent to accuse your own people for spreading nationalism and hatred. He also said that the issues surrounding the identity of the Macedonian nation cannot be something that can be dealt with only by SDSM.
He said that it is dangerous to question the difference of the Macedonian nation in such a manner.

Tsipras says Greece ready to cooperate closely with Macedonia's new government

Greece's Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has sent a note to Macedonian Premier Zoran Zaev to congratulate him on assuming office as the country's new Prime Minister, the government says Thursday in a press release.

"On the occasion of assuming office as prime minister, I offer congratulations wishing you success. The Republic of Greece remains committed to promoting stability, security and cooperation in Southeastern Europe. This is the foundation on which my government is prepared to closely cooperate with your government in order to strengthen our bilateral cooperation and relations, also through the ongoing confidence-building measures," reads the note.
PM Tsipras says he expects the new government to demonstrate political determination to focus on promoting a positive agenda in bilateral relations.
"I am confident that your government will demonstrate political determination to work on promoting a positive agenda for our bilateral ties, leaving behind, once a…

Wizz Air to increase frequencies on Skopje - Budapest flight

Hungarian low-cost carrier Wizz Air said on Thursday it will increase the frequency of flights from Bucharest, Podgorica, Skopje and Tirana to Budapest.

Starting November 2017, flights from Podgorica and Skopje to Budapest will be increased to 3 per week, from the current 2, Wizz Air said in a statement.
Weekly flights from Tirana to Budapest will also be increased to 3, from the current 2, starting August 2017.
From April 2018, Wizz Air will start servicing 5 flights per week on the Bucharest – Budapest route, compared to the current 4.
In a separate statement, Wizz Air announced it is increasing the frequency of flights from London Luton to three Romanian cities.
Flights on the London Luton – Suceava route will be operated 5 times per week. Flights to Constanta will be operated four times, while flights to Iasi will be serviced daily.
Source> SEE

First charter flight carrying Polish tourists landed in Ohrid

A charter flight carrying 220 passengers from Poland, an organized group of tourists who will be holidaying on the Ohrid and Struga riviera, landed Thursday at the Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle airport.

The Small Planet Airlines charter departed from Katowice, organized by one of the largest travel agencies in Poland, Rego-Bis.
Welcoming the Polish tourists, Minister of Transport and Communications Goran Sugareski said the government with a series of measures was working to improve air transportation in the country in a bid to attract as many tourists as possible in Macedonia.
Starting today until late September, 14 charter flights are expected to arrive from Katowice to the St. Paul the Apostle airport, according to Alper Ersoy, CEO of TAV Macedonia. Charter flights are also expected to be launched from Warsaw.
Some 5,000 Polish tourists are estimated to spend their holidays in Macedonia this tourist season, it was announced.
In addition to flights from Poland, charter flights from the…

Online Petition: Macedonians in Germany need our help!

More than 100,000 Macedonians live in Germany today. However, the German government has refused so far to recognize Macedonian drivers' licenses (also vice versa, german licenses are not recognized in Macedonia), though several EU countries recognized it as sufficient documentation. 
Therefore we request your help for the Macedonian brothers in Germany - Please sign this petition to demand that Berlin fully recognize the ability for Macedonians who have macedonian licenses to drive HERE
German article HERE

First Bollywood Production To Benefit From Macedonian Tax Incentives

The action thriller Vijay 61 by 33-year-old director Atlee Kumar is the first Bollywood film that will benefit from the film incentive programme available in the form of a cash rebate of 20% on qualifying Macedonian spend.

Macedonia started using the cash rebate scheme for film and TV projects in 2015. The French road comedy A Fond by Nicolas Benamou, previously spent about 2 m EUR in Macedonia.
Part of the film was shot in Macedonia from 1 May to 9 May 2017 on the stage of the Macedonian National Theater in Skopje and involved over 1.000 participants from Macedonia. A 70-member crew from India was working with over 40 Macedonian filmmakers and over 900 actors, dancers and extras from Macedonia. The shooting started in India in February and the film is expected to be finished by the end of 2017.
The shooting of the first Bollywood film in Macedonia is a result of the collaboration between Macedonian producer Dejan Iliev and Natarajan Ramji, known as the “location guru” in India. Ilie…

5th Bitola Shakespeare Festival begins

Shakespeare Collage - stage and music performance, produced by National Theatre Bitola, will have the honor Wednesday evening to open the 5th Bitola Shakespeare Festival, which this year brings together 12 theater companies from Bulgaria, Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Slovakia, US and Macedonia.

The festival kicks off the activities within the cultural summer in Bitola 'Bitfest 2017'.
This year the festival offers performances of Shakespeare's masterpieces by Turkish National Theatre - Othello; Dramatic Theatre “Ivan Radoev”, Pleven / Bulgaria - Cymbeline; Drama Theatre, Skopje / Macedonia - The Merchant of Venice; Academic Drama Theatre, Vladimir/Russia - Hamlet’s Dreams - Nina Mazur (monodrama inspired by W. Shakespeare's tragedy 'Hamlet'); 'Aco Shopov' Theatre Stip / Macedonia - Richard III; Karagandy Regional Dramatic Theatre, Karaganda / Kazakhstan - Hamlet – mousetrap; Tandarica Theatre, Bucharest / Romania - Midsummer Night's Dream; Lit Moon …

Macedonian and Greek businessmen seek launch of direct Skopje-Athens flights

Businessmen from Macedonia and Greece seek introduction of direct Skopje-Athens flights aimed at intensifying the business relations between Macedonia and Greece. They also urge for joint appearance on third markets as well as joint implementation of projects from the EU funds.

As it was said at Wednesday’s press briefing in the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, the cooperation between Macedonian and Greek companies is excellent for the time being and without any problems, and the largest potential for cooperation’s improvement is seen in the construction, agribusiness, processing of fruits and vegetables….
As neighbouring countries, the potential for cooperation is high. We have already established good economic relations with great potential for upgrading. Greece is one of the five most important trade partners of Macedonia with the largest investments in banking, oil industry, trade and textiles, said President of the Industrial Chamber of Macedonia within Macedonian Chambers of Co…

Popovski: Qualifying for European U21 Championship biggest achievement for Macedonian football

“Seeing our side among the best U21 teams in Europe gives our country’s football fans new heroes,” said Football Federation of Macedonia (FFM) general secretary Filip Popovski in the interview to UEFA’s website, and added that qualifying for the UEFA European Under-21 Championship finals in Poland was one of the “biggest achievements” in the nation’s footballing history.

During qualifying, the Macedonian U21s attracted crowds in excess of 20,000, half of whom were children, while the players took a lap of honour before departing for Poland during the senior side’s European Qualifier against Spain at the National Stadium of Macedonia in Skopje on 11 June.
Macedonia may be the lowest-ranked side in the tournament, but they are not to be underestimated. In qualifying, they finished top of their group, pipping a France team which featured some of the hottest young properties in European football, such as Ousmane Dembélé and Tiemoué Bakayoko.
“There is a great atmosphere around the team, …

Skopje Summer Festival 2017 kicks off

The 38th edition of Skopje Summer Festival 2017 will kick off Wednesday evening with a concert of the Turkish musician living and working in the US, Omar Faruk Tekbilek at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet.

Twenty concerts, eight performances, three book promotions and 10 film screenings in the cafe-cinema in Skopje Old Bazaar’s Suli An.
The programme of Skopje Summer Festival will include 18 locations and spaces in Skopje, such as theatres, art galleries, museums, Skopje Old Bazaar, Suli An and the central city areas.
Directorate of Culture and Art of the City of Skopje is the organiser of the Skopje Summer Festival.

Gjorcheska with 310 points levelled with Sharpapa in the latest WTA list

Our best tennis player, Lina Gjorcheska, dropped 10 places in the latest ranking and is now 180th in the rankings in individual competition. Gjorcheska has 310 points the same as Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova.

Lina Gjorcheska noted a major drop in the rankings. Our best tennis player is 180th place, which is a fall of 10th place compared to last week's ranking. Gjorcheska has 310 points the same as Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova, who was ranked 179th in the rankings.
Lina noticed a drop in doubles from as many as 12 positions, she was ranked 128th.
At the top of the rankings is Angelique Kerber, followed by Simona Halep, followed by Karolina Pliskovkova, Serena Williams and Elina Svitolina.

Leeds United Keen On Macedonia International

Leeds United are chasing Lugano winger Ezgjan Alioski, as they bid to reinforce their squad over the summer transfer window, and the Whites are claimed to be closing in. 

The 25-year-old is a Macedonia international, but came through the youth ranks at Swiss outfit Young Boys.
He has also been linked with German trio Hertha Berlin, Stuttgart and Schalke, but now Leeds are on his tail, according to Swiss daily Corriere del Ticino.
Alioski only joined Lugano last year and made 36 appearances in all competitions for the club in the recently concluded season, scoring an impressive 17 goals and providing 14 assists for his team-mates.
His efforts helped Lugano to finish third in the Swiss Super League, qualifying for the Europa League, but the club now face a battle to keep hold of him.

Skopje hosts open air concert “Little Italy Travels”

Open air concert titled “Little Italy Travels” featuring Spanish, Italian and French culture including canzones, chansons and Spanish songs will be held Tuesday evening at Mother Teresa Square in Skopje.

The concert will include the baritone Pavle Kamiloski, dramatic tenor Hristo Arsovski, the baritone Goran Nacevski, along with Bisera Chadlovska as a conductor and orchestra of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet.

Hahn and Priebe to visit Macedonia

The European Commissioner for Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, Johannes Hahn’s visit and participation at the open Government session is probably precedent, which will provide a new climate. We will propose to Hahn a draft-plan of measures, activities and time frames, said Vice President Bujar Osmani in Government today, while announcing the aggressive campaign which will follow in the next few months, to implement the reform priorities.

European Commissioner Hahn will be visiting the country next Monday, while Reinhard Priebe will be in Macedonia by Tuesday, the man who handled the commission who in the name of the EU in 2015 prepared the necessary recommendations  for the necessary reforms the country needs to continue its road towards EU membership.
Priebe will be attending the MANU (Macedonian Academy of Science and Art) conference, where he will discuss the priorities, which will take place in July, said Osmani.
“It is an excellent decision that Hahn is includin…

Vardan Tozija’s Amok premieres at Shanghai International Film Festival

Macedonian feature film Amok directed by Vardan Tozija was screened at the 20th edition of largest film festival in China, Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF), taking place from June 17 to 26.

The film, co-produced with Red Helicopter Films from Albania, has been financially supported by the Film Agency of Macedonia, and SEE Cinema Network. The main roles are played by Martin Gjorgoski, Deniz Abdula and Nikola Ristanovski.
Founded in 1993, Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) is the only competitive film festival in China approved by FIAPF. SIFF focuses on awards, markets, forums and film exhibitions so as to build an international platform, and promote the development of the Chinese film industry.

Volleyball: Macedonia scores opening win in European League

The Macedonian men's volleyball team scored its opening win in the European League, beating Azerbaijan 3:0 in Skopje on Friday. Macedonia won the first two sets by the same scoreline (25:19) and the final set by 25:20. In the Group A's other match, Albania narrowly beat Sweden 3:2 after being two sets down. On Saturday, Macedonia plays Albania, while Sweden goes against Azerbaijan. The top two teams from the group will qualify for the European League semifinals.

Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Cavusoglu is visiting Macedonia

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Mavlut Cavusoglu shall arrive in Macedonia on a working visit. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Cavusoglu shall meet with the head of the Macedonian diplomacy, Nikola Dimitrov.

It is expected that at the meeting there shall be a discussion about the bilateral relations and the possibilities for improving the cooperation in many areas with an accent on the further deepening of the economic cooperation. Both ministers shall talk about the current subjects in the region and wider, as well as a discussion about a cooperation on an international plan.
As part of the visit, it is planned that the Minister Cavusoglu to be received by the President of Republic of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov and Zoran Zaev.
The ministers Cavusoglu and Dimitrov shall attend an iftar, that the Embassy of Republic of Turkey in Skopje shall organize to hor the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Macedonia deserves NATO accession, says Turkish FM

Macedonia deserves more than any other candidate to join NATO.
I consider the entire situation over the name issue as being artificial and brings injustice to Macedonia. We urge all members to cooperate with Macedonia, said Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu at Sunday's joint press conference with host Nikola Dimitrov.

FM Cavusoglu said Ankara would support any solution acceptable to Macedonia and Greece, adding that Macedonia's decision is important in this aspect.
Minister Dimitrov said the situation in the name row is clear from a legal point of view.
"In this sense we have a clear situation. There is the 1995 Interim Treaty and a 2011 ruling by the Hague-based International Court of Justice, meaning that Macedonia should not have obstacles in receiving an invitation to join NATO under the interim reference. I will try to highlight and assure it is also in Greece's interest to do this. I will try to add as much political arguments to the legal arguments. Th…

Handball: Macedonia demolishes Czech Republic 33-20 and qualifies for Euro Championship

Red and yellow rhapsody this evening in the Macedonian capital as the home side took on the visiting Czechs in a deciding match of who will go to the European championship.

Macedonia needed a win to top Group 4, and a win is precisely what they dished out for nearly 7,000 fans in the packed Boris Trajkovski arena.
Led by masterful Kire the Rocket man Lazarov and great goalkeeping by Ristovski, the home side simply overwhelmed a good Czech team who was leading the group coming in into the match. However, Macedonia dished out such a beatdown that the 13 goal final score difference jeopardized Czech’s 2nd place and trip to the European championship after Iceland’s win over Ukraine earlier this evening.
The half time score was 16-10, and this is what happened right at the half, final score was 33:20 for Macedonia.
In the end, to mark the complete dominance of the home side, goalie Mitrevski scored on the Czech from his own goal. Yes, it was that kind of a match.

Zaev and Gruevski express their condolences for the death of Helmut Kohl

Leader of macedonian socialdemocrats Zoran Zaev, sent a telegram of condolences for the death of former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, to the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, and to the citizens of Germany.

“The citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany have lost a great man and politician, who recognized unification as a value and the path that leads forward and managed to unify Germany and to ensure a stable future for the country. This great European statesman leaves behind him a legacy to the whole world. He leaves behind bridges of friendship with the countries and among the countries of the world, built through peaceful policies. He was a fighter for reconciliation, former Chancellor Kohl laid the cornerstones of political and economic integration of Europe. He reached out to the Republic of Macedonia in the process of the independence of our country, which remains part of the political memory of Macedonia and its citizens”, reads the Zaev telegram.
The leader of VMRO-DP…

Jovano Jovanke at Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany

Martin Grubinger, austrian stardrummer, perfromed macedonian folk song Jovanko Jovanke at Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany.

Macedonia falls to Spain in U21 Championship

The Macedonian U21 would certainly like to forget their first ever match in Euro finals after being trounced 5-0 to Spain.

The scoreline unfortunately does not realistically portray what was happening on the field. Macedonia enjoyed great deal of ball possession, created several goal scoring chances, rattled the bar once, but in the end, the more experienced Spanish team very much took advantage of each and every opportunity.
Real Madrid’s Asensio was the MVP of the match, scoring a hat trick, including two superb goals. But, as they say, there is a reason he plays for Real Madrid.
Goalie Aleksovski could have done better for at least two of the goals he allowed, however early jitters may have played a role in his mishaps.
Next up for Macedonia is Serbia.

Short film "The Children Will Come" at Shanghai International Film Festival

Short film "The Children Will Come" directed by Ana Jakimska will be screened at the 20. Shanghai International Film Festival, held June 17-26. Jakimska's film competes in the official competition for prestigious award "Golden Goblet". The story focuses on Velika, a young teacher who is dispatched to work in a mountainous village. The cast includes Natasa Petrovic, Senka Kolozova and Vladimir Petkov-Skalja. The film is produced by "Krug Film" and funded by the Macedonian Film Agency. 


Cannabis oil available in pharmacies across Macedonia without prescription

Nine Vinica Fortress terracotta icons to be exhibited at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum

Time Travel: Skopje Antique Shops Are Full of Objects that Have Long Been Forgotten

Macedonian Government to ban protests with new law on public gatherings

Greek jets mount NATO practice flights over Macedonia