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Swtizerland will support projects in Macedonia worth 69 million EUR over next 4 years

Switzerland will make 69 million EUR available over the next four years to support various reform programs and projects in Macedonia.

Main goals, according to Ambassador Sybille Suter Tejada, will be to help Macedonia reach European standards, build socially inclusive democracy and develop free market economics and efficient management of natural resources. Some 19,5 million EUR of the total will be meant for economic development and the Ambassador said she expects 4.400 new jobs to be created in the process, as well as to help better manage water resources for 115.000 citizens of Macedonia.

In politics, the focus will be on improving the efficiency of the electoral process, improving the political culture. Projects that help young workers obtain skills that are needed at the labor market will also be promoted, as well as projects for solid waste management and reducing risks of natural disasters. Ambassador Suter said that Switzerland is one of the top bilateral partners and supporters of Macedonia and added that such activities will continue in the future.

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