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Jana Burceska might just be Macedonia’s answer to getting into the Eurovision final

Jana Burceska will perform Dance Alone on the Eurovision stage this year, hoping to end a run of five years without qualification to the Eurovision final for Macedonia.
The retro entry has one of the most impressive promo videos of the year, and the song borrows from the talent bank of Kate Bush and The Scissor Sisters, with a bit of Lady GaGa thrown in for good measure.

Jana delivers the performance with some of the more interesting staging this year too, including big screens and a big city backdrop.

Dance Alone is probably Macedonia’s best ever Eurovision entry and as you’d expect from the title, Jana dances alone.

It might be retro but it’s current too and Macedonia deserves a place in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest final.
Jana is wearing her best party outfit, with a back one-sleeve jacket and thigh-high boots.
It sparkles and so does her performance.

The vocals are good and the performance comes through the television screen nicely, as well as to the 10,000 strong crowd.
Jana has toured the Eurovision preview parties across Europe and the end result is a well polished performance.

SOURCE: Metro.co.uk

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