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Skopje tells Tirana that term "Slav Macedonian" is insulting

Albanian ambassador in Skopje was "called to a meeting at Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs," the ministry has announced.

The reason are "the frequent offensive statements and comments by officials of the Republic of Albania, addressed to the Republic of Macedonia and its citizens."

It was pointed out during the meeting that the statements of Albania's prime minister and minister of foreign affairs about "a bi-national Macedonia and changing the constitutional order of the Republic of Macedonia" represent "an open interference in the internal affairs of the country." 

Furthermore, Skopje announced, "labeling Macedonians as Slav Macedonians is insulting and discriminatory to all Macedonians and Macedonian citizens." 

"It was stressed that such messages are a serious provocation of neighborliness that we want to cultivate. They make long-term damage to relations in the region and incite extremist rhetoric. What we need in the region is being united about EU integration, peace and economic progress. Therefore, we appeal to stop provocations, to respect the sovereignty and work in the field of good neighborly relations for the benefit of all in the region," a statement posted on the MFA's website said.

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