MEPs file some 300 amendments to EP's Resolution on Macedonia

A little over 300 amendments have been filed regarding a draft-resolution on the 2016 EC Report for Macedonia, presented by MEP Ivo Vajgl in January at the EP Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET), MIA reports from Brussels.

Of the 318 amendments, almost two thirds of the remarks to the draft-text prepared by Vajgl, who also serves as EP rapporteur on Macedonia, have been submitted by Greek and Bulgarian MEPs.

Some of the remarks suggest that the terms 'Republic of Macedonia', 'Macedonia', 'Macedonian' should be omitted, while other amendments voice condemnation of the political crisis in the country and urge revoking of the recommendation for start of negotiations for EU membership, promote recognition of some 100,000 Bulgarians in Macedonia and joint celebrations organized by Macedonia and Bulgaria of historical events, etc.

All of these remarks are included in a dozen of amendments of Bulgarian and Greek MEPs to the draft-resolution, which is up for adoption in March at the European Parliament.

According to several amendments, the recommendation for the opening of accession talks should be conditioned with 'full implementation of the Przino Agreement and the Urgent Reform Priorities of the European Commission.'

An amendment also insists upon the organization of a census provided that the country applies a broad consensus for the methodology in order an updated and realistic picture is secured about the constellation of the population in Macedonia. No census has been organized in Macedonia since 2002.

As regards the December 11 elections, the amendments note they were organized in a peaceful and orderly manner. Some point out voter intimidation, abuse of funds, vote buying bribe, lack of public confidence in institutions, etc.

Two MEPs in their amendments state that they expect the new government to accelerate, in cooperation with other parties, the reform process much needed to strengthen the country and its independence and sovereignty.

Furthermore, many MEPs in their amendments call for maintenance of the peaceful inter-ethnic coexistence in Macedonia and review of the Ohrid Framework Agreement.

With respect to the migrant crisis, a few amendments urge Macedonia to be commended about the way it handled the crisis.

The main debate and voting of the EP Resolution on Macedonia is scheduled to take place at a session in March. Its conclusions have only advisory role.


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